Sara Fernández Ceballos

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I love the process of bringing together teams from different countries. I like to feel that I am involved in change.

Sara Fernández Ceballos


Sara started off managing the development of real estate projects for various private real estate developers and investment companies. In 2008 she joined the Commercial Law department of Forolegal Abogados. Since 2010, she has been the head of the development and financing division for business projects and internationalisation.

She has launched various business initiatives and collaborates with charities helping disadvantaged groups and animal welfare.

Member of:
Manager of Consorcio Latinoamericano Explorers, formed to help Spanish and European companies to expand to Latin America.

Internationalisation advisor for the Society of Business Organisations of Palencia (CPOE).


Strong-willed and organised, Sara has an instinct for finding the best solution to each problem. Her entrepreneurial spirit makes her a legal consultant who is constantly seeking new business opportunities for her clients.

Her organisational skills are the totem of her work and she even manages to find time for her volunteer work with underprivileged groups.

Perhaps her determination is the main reason why she shows such empathy for her clients every day.

Teaching, publications, lectures

Sara is a regular lecturer at Seminars and Congresses (Chambers of Commerce of Coruña, Pontevedra, Vigo…, Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AJE), Financial Club of A Coruña…).

She is the author of several publications (Project Development and Financing, Internationalisation).

I love nature and restoring old furniture.

Traducciones: esES itIT