Sara Fernández Ceballos


I am passionate about the process of integrating teams from different countries. I like to feel that I am part of the change.

I am passionate about nature and restoring antique furniture.


She began her professional career managing the development of real estate projects for various private real estate development and investment entities, joining the commercial department of Forolegal Abogados in 2008. Since 2010 she has led the area of development and financing of business projects and internationalisation of companies.

She is a promoter of certain business initiatives, and collaborates with associations in defence of the rights of disadvantaged groups and animals.

Bodies to which she belongs:

Manager of the Latin American Explorers Consortium, for the establishment of Spanish and European companies in Latin America.

Internationalisation Advisor CPOE.


Character and organisation. Sara has the necessary nose for the best solutions to each problem. As a legal consultant, her entrepreneurial attitude pushes her to constantly search for new business opportunities for her clients.

Planning is the totem of her work and she still manages to squeeze in time for her voluntary work with disadvantaged groups.

Perhaps this character is vital in the high degree of empathy she demonstrates on a daily basis with her clients.

Teaching, publications, conferences

She is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences (Chamber of Commerce A Coruña, Pontevedra, Vigo, Asociación Jóvenes Empresarios, Club Financiero A Coruña…).

Author of several publications (Project Financing and Development, Internationalisation).