Litigation and arbitration

“If you fight you might lose, if you don’t you have already lost”. Bertolt Brecht.

Litigation and arbitration advice

Our litigation team, made up of lawyers trained in the most important national and international law firms, is characterised by the following:

  • Personalised advice: comprehensive and effective in all areas.
  • Negotiation: our efforts are aimed at avoiding litigation or reaching an agreement in the initial stages of the proceedings.
  • Handling: our litigators have more than 20 years of experience in handling all types of judicial and arbitration proceedings in the business field.
  • Enforcement: success in legal proceedings does not lie in winning them, but in seeing the purpose for which they were initiated fulfilled.
  • High technical level: We have an in-depth knowledge of the procedural rules applicable to the different types of proceedings (order for payment, oral, ordinary), and at all levels, in all types of civil and commercial matters; we handle the tools that the process places at our disposal (pre-trial inquiries, interim relief, expert evidence…), we master the system of appeals on a point of fact and the technique of cassation.

We deal with any legal conflict with the main objective of benefiting the company

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Corporate disputes

Our team has been involved in all types of legal proceedings arising from conflicts between shareholders, which so often result in proceedings to challenge company resolutions or the liability of directors.

This experience is essential in order to manage this type of situation effectively, i.e. without losing sight of the primary interest of preventing the conflict from harming the company.

Success in these conflicts is conditioned by a global approach to the problem, which takes into account all the elements at stake.

Disputes arising from non-performance and enforcement of commercial contracts

We manage the default of companies, advising them both in the preliminary phase and in the judicial phase.

In cases where the dispute arises from breach of contract and either termination or enforcement is sought, our mastery of contractual techniques is particularly advantageous.

Unfair competition

We provide both preventive and litigation advice to companies and individuals in all areas in which unfair competition conflicts arise (violation of secrets, deception, confusion, imitation, taking advantage of the efforts of others, unfair customer acquisition, etc.).

Competition law

Advice to national and foreign clients in all types of economic sectors, both in the field of merger control and in relation to restrictive competition practices and abuse of dominant position. We prepare reports and defend the interests of our clients before the Courts and the European Commission.

Real Estate

We advise developers and construction companies in disputes related to the Building Act, mainly arising from the existence of construction defects. We have collaborated with architects and quantity surveyors in the preparation of technical opinions, which has provided us with a very thorough knowledge of the documentation associated with these types of proceedings.

We achieve the highest degree of success for our clients

Our clients, both SMEs and large companies, highlight the analytical skills and experience of our tax team as the cornerstones of their trust in our firm.

We are specialists in restructuring processes and optimising your tax burden, as well as in the defence of your interests in litigation processes in this field.