Litigation and Arbitration

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Litigation and Arbitration


Our litigation practice, with lawyers trained at major domestic and international law firms, is featured by:

  • Personalized Counseling: comprehensive and effective Counseling in all areas.
  • Negotiations: our efforts are directed at preventing a suits or even to settle the disputes in the initial stages of the proceedings.
  • Proceedings: our trial lawyers have more than 20 years’ experience with legal and arbitral proceedings of all types in business-related matters.
  • Enforcement: legal proceedings are successful if, rather than winning, they allow us to achieve their intended purpose.
  • Advanced technical level: we have in-depth knowledge of the procedural rules applying to the different types of proceedings (order-for-payment, collection of negotiable instruments, oral, ordinary), before courts of any rank, in all types of civil law and commercial law matters; we use the available procedural tools (pretrial proceedings, injunctive relief, evidence of opinion …) and we have a command of ordinary appeal rules and of the procedural techniques to be used in appeals to the Supreme Court.

Corporate Disputes

Our team has experience with all types of legal proceedings arising from disputes among shareholders; these often lead to resolutions being attacked as a nullity or to directors being held liable.

Experience in these matters is essential to be able to handle such cases effectively without losing sight of the primary concern, which is to prevent the dispute from harming the business.

In such disputes, success hinges on taking an overall approach to the problem, considering all the factors at play.

Disputes over the Performance, Interpretation and Enforcement of Commercial Agreements

We manage default situations in business, advising clients in both the preliminary phase and during Court proceedings.

Where a dispute arises from non-performance of an agreement and the client seeks to either terminate or enforce the agreement , our command of contracting methods can prove particularly useful.

Unfair Competition

Both preventive and litigation Counseling to businesses and private clients on all aspects and implications of the unfair behavior (violation of secrets, misleading practices causing confusion or deception, parasitic copying, unduly benefitting from the efforts of others, solicitation of clients, etc.).

Antitrust Law

Counseling domestic and foreign clients of all types of industries on controls to prevent unwarranted concentration of economic power, restrictive trade practices and the abuse of dominance. We draw up reports as well as defend the interest of our clients before the Courts and the European Commission.

Real Estate

We counsel developers and builders in disputes relating to the Building Act, mainly resulting from construction defects. We have drawn up technical opinions in collaboration with architects and building engineers, having acquired an in-depth knowledge of the documents used in such proceedings.

“He who is prepared to fight may or may not pull through, may win or may lose. Yet he who doesn’t fight has already lost “. Bertolt Brecht.

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