Who we are

At LIFE we define ourselves as a firm of lawyers and business advisors that achieves the highest degree of success for our clients.


The more than 40 years of experience of some of our members is combined with the fresh blood of our younger lawyers. Together we offer key answers to the social reality in which we find ourselves.

We are all driven by the same values: closeness, integrity and empathy. We put ourselves in your shoes to look at each situation as unique and get to the heart of the matter. From there, we bring the guarantee of our experience, in which few situations are new to the firm.

I am a strong advocate of teamwork and preventive advice.

I am passionate about the process of integrating teams from different countries.

I like to feel that I am part of the change.

Being a lawyer is a condition, a real luxury.

We work as a team for each client.

The trust between the people who make up Life Abogados is part of our success.

If we live as we breathe: taking in and letting go, we cannot go wrong! (Clarisa Pinkola-Estés).

What is essential is effective and continuous work that gives clients confidence and is useful to them.

Efficiency and constancy at work is key to solving the problem and empathising with the client.

With effort, dedication and perseverance we find the solution to your needs.

I share the view that “change management” should be called “happiness management”.

Each client is unique, that’s why proximity is key.

The important thing is not to have many ideas, but the right idea in each case.

“I prepare myself every day to maintain the trust of the client and the team”.

Dedication, efficiency, professionalism and empathy with the client are key to offering the best advice.

The biggest challenges: To work well, to be useful and to provide value to our clients.

“A well defended cause is a just cause.” (George Calinescu)

Life is an ongoing learning process.

Being able to make a new decision is an attitude I admire.

It is essential to constantly renew oneself in order to offer the best solutions to the conflicts that arise in an ever-changing labour market.

I am not a lone ranger, nor a loose verse, nor a melody interpreted by a soloist. I have deep trust in company, in the literary stanzas and in the symphony masterfully interpreted by the orchestra.

Life can bring unexpected changes, for which you should always be prepared.

The combination of practice and teaching is extremely enriching and beneficial for the client.