Public procurement

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General Government

We offer a specialised legal advice service to public sector entities, private companies and individuals, and legal assistance in all types of procedures and instances, both in administrative and judicial review proceedings.

Our team specialises in finding beneficial legal solutions for all agents involved in operations linked to the public sphere.

We offer a strategic consultancy service aimed at increasing sales in the Public Sector.
How do we do it? By adding legal consultancy and commercial intelligence.

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Administrative and judicial review proceedings

  • Sanctioning proceedings.
  • Administrative proceedings.
  • Defence before the judicial review jurisdiction.

Public Tenders

We accompany our clients throughout the entire process of a public tender, guiding them in the essential aspects that will influence the preparation of their bid and in the defence of their interests during the award process -justification of low bids, exclusions, challenges…-, and dealing with any issues that may arise during the performance or ending of the contract.

1. Preliminary phase
  • Analysis of specifications and documentation.
  • Challenging specifications and advertisements.
  • Study of compliance with aptitude, capacity, solvency requirements…
  • Documentary / administrative management.
  • Correct application of award criteria.
  • Justification of low tenders.
  • Exclusion of bids.
  • Formation of temporary business partnerships.
  • Formalisation of the contract: correspondence with specifications / tender / award.
  • Challenging awards or evaluations.
2. After the award
  • Monitoring of contract performance.
  • Suspension of contract.
  • Contract amendment and extensions.
  • Claiming payments and interest.
  • Revision of prices.
  • Termination of contract.
  • Non-compliance / seizure of guarantees.

What we offer

Specialised services for companies and/or professionals who wish to open this new line of sales or for those who wish to consolidate.

Business Control

We help you to know in real time your position in the market in order to have an agile and updated sales system: how many tenders you apply for, why you are excluded, why you do not have more points?

Pricing and Competition

We analyse business opportunities, competition, regular bidders, prices and offers, in order to choose the right tenders and submit competitive bids.


We assist you during the whole tendering process, with the preparation of the bid, justification of low bids, challenges, contract compliance, price revision…


We draw up your commercial map: you will be able to know the tenders pending renewal or tender, providing your sales network with an essential tool for account planning.


We provide more than 500 hours of training so that you can get the most out of your management, administrative and commercial team and obtain the greatest success in tenders.

We achieve the highest degree of success for our clients

Our clients, both SMEs and large companies, highlight the analytical skills and experience of our tax team as the cornerstones of their trust in our firm.

We are specialists in restructuring processes and optimising your tax burden, as well as in the defence of your interests in litigation processes in this field.