It is essential to maintain a constant and fluid relationship with the general government. Together we implement environmental law.

abogado medio ambiente

Environmental advice

Our Environmental Law department is led by Juan Ignacio Xiberta, who has a long career and experience of more than 30 years of professional practice.

The advice, although very specialised, has a multidisciplinary vision, as it is provided in close collaboration with the rest of the firm’s professionals in order to cover the needs of both the Public Sector team and the Business Law team (companies, associations and executives) and, specifically, with industrial companies, waste managers or business associations.

Law is a complex system and specialties are far from being watertight departments. The whole right is being “greenized.” That’s why collaboration between our teams is essential.

Our criminal lawyers have extensive experience in proceedings for crimes against the environment and are a guarantee of good work in this area. We specialise in waste, water, odours, noise, environmental licences and authorisations and environmental liability procedures.

In the cases of environmental liability proceedings arising from industrial accidents, our method is to create a multidisciplinary team with our client, its engineers, geologists and experts to lead the coordination of all of them to guarantee a strategy predefined by our professionals. An accident of some relevance generates a series of procedures whose list is endless and which requires, above all, management skills, which is a defining element of our team.

By way of example, our clients count on us to:

In such a complex and novel branch of specialization, doubts reach all
operators. That is why it is essential to maintain a constant and fluid relationship
with public administrations because we all develop environmental law together.

The experience of our lawyers in this area is a guarantee of good work

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