Restructuring and insolvency law

A win-win opportunity:
Agility, security in decision-making, legal peace of mind, and above all, solutions that you are probably unaware of.

Advice on restructuring and insolvency law

This is a multidisciplinary department, which simultaneously involves professionals from the areas of procedural, corporate and commercial, employment, tax, White-collar crime and project finance, depending on the needs.

The first task of our team is to advise the businessman on the best decision to take in the crisis of his company and the measures to be taken in each case, taking into account both the defence of the personal responsibilities of shareholders and directors (commercial and criminal) as well as the viability of the company. We recommend that you consult a lawyer in the first moments of the crisis in order to be able to adopt the appropriate measures from the very first moment.

We help you to make the best decision in the event of a solvency crisis or restructuring of your company.

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Insolvency Law

  • We have professionals who have acted as managing lawyers in many insolvency proceedings or the former bankruptcies and suspensions of payments. We also have a solid external team of auditors and economists who work closely with us.
  • We represent and defend your interests as creditors in the insolvency proceedings of your debtors, communicating your claims and contesting the list of creditors in the event that your claims are not recognised or are improperly classified.

Out-of-court restructuring of commercial liabilities

  • We analyse your company’s situation and advise you on the feasibility or otherwise of reaching agreements with your creditors without the need to file for insolvency proceedings.
  • We personally negotiate or support our clients in negotiating with their creditors to reach payment agreements with a haircut or deferral or both.

Winding-ups and liquidations

  • We prepare all the commercial documentation necessary to wind up and liquidate your company (minutes and certified transcripts of minutes of the collegial bodies, including all the necessary agreements, review of the deed of winding-up and liquidation and that of dissolution, if applicable, final winding-up balance sheets…).
  • We analyse your financial statements and prepare the necessary supplementary documents to avoid the liability of shareholders and directors (filing of accounts, profit-sharing loans…).

We achieve the highest degree of success for our clients

Our clients, both SMEs and large companies, highlight the analytical skills and experience of our tax team as the cornerstones of their trust in our firm.

We are specialists in restructuring processes and optimising your tax burden, as well as in the defence of your interests in litigation processes in this field.