Directors and officers

Specialists in Employers’, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

Risk assessment

It is inevitable to make an unfortunate decision that may endanger a company or may cause damage to third parties, or personal risk to the entrepreneur, director or manager.

But risk can be controlled by knowing the weaknesses of the business and taking control measures.

Because the consequences for the Director or Officer can be very serious: loss of personal assets, disqualification from holding office or carrying out a business activity, financial penalties, and even imprisonment.

Protective measures

Actions can be taken to avoid, control or minimise the risks of a Director, Officer or Employer, thus ensuring efficient and profitable management of the activity, and to protect business and personal assets.

Do not take unnecessary risks, prevention and control are the keys to avoid incurring liabilities.

We develop the necessary measures to control your risks as an Employer, Director or Officer.

Avoid the risks of your position as an employer, director or officer

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Consultancy and training

Training on liability and personal and business risks

Trained employers, directors and officers have less risk of incurring liability.

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