Corporate and commercial law

Our area of specialisation is business law, both in the corporate and contractual fields.

Advice on corporate and commercial law

Our practice includes advising entrepreneurs in all phases of their business development, starting with the incorporation of the company (company limited by shares, association, foundation, economic interest grouping, social enterprise, etc.), including the company secretary’s record keeping and ongoing advice to the company’s governing body, and continuing with all the necessary operations, whether these are ordinary (general meeting or general assembly – preparation and approval of accounts, removal and appointment of directors and auditors, amendments to the articles of association…) or singular, requiring a high degree of specialisation (capital increases and reductions, conversions, sale and purchase…).

We have a dynamic and efficient team, with extensive experience developed in international law firms, which allows us, together with our Tax practice, to design and implement the corporate structures that best suit our clients’ businesses.

We take care of the corporate and contractual aspects of the business to avoid legal problems.

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Company law

Our professional experience allows us to offer legal advice of the highest quality in the following operations:

  • Incorporation of companies limited by shares, branches and representative offices, as well as complementary or alternative vehicles, such as associations, foundations, economic interest groupings, consortiums…
  • Ongoing advice to the management team, company secretaries and drafting of any company resolutions or amendments to the articles of association.
  • Drafting and negotiation of corporate agreements (shareholder agreements, family charters, etc.).
  • Joint ventures and processes for the entry and exit of shareholders.
  • Conversions: mergers, divisions, transfers of assets and liabilities, transformation.
  • Legal audit processes (“due diligence”).
  • Advice on the drafting, negotiation and execution of contracts for the sale and purchase of businesses (companies and assets).
  • Private equity transactions.
  • Advice on the obligations and responsibilities of shareholders and directors: shareholder conflicts and challenges to resolutions.

Commercial contracts

We have experience in reviewing, drafting and negotiating all types of commercial contracts, such as:

  • Provision of services, agency, distribution, manufacturing, commission, franchise, supply, confidentiality, outsourcing….
  • Security and guarantees: sureties, pledges, bonds, mortgages, etc.
  • Standard terms of contract.
  • Intellectual Property rights.
  • Real estate: purchase and sale of real estate, leasing for use other than as a dwelling, contracts related to construction.

We achieve the highest degree of success for our clients

Our clients, both SMEs and large companies, highlight the analytical skills and experience of our tax team as the cornerstones of their trust in our firm.

We are specialists in restructuring processes and optimising your tax burden, as well as in the defence of your interests in litigation processes in this field.