Law and new technologies

“Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy” (Richard Stallman)

Advice on law and new technologies

The Internet and new technologies have multiplied the forms and possibilities of business for companies and professionals. In this sense, law should not be an obstacle, but a guide for the development and success of any online business project.

At Life Abogados we advise you by finding solutions and providing legal security in digital environments.

We protect your brand, website, content and intellectual property rights, we offer auditing and consultancy on personal data protection and privacy, ecommerce, online campaigns, technology start-ups, contracting of IT products and software development.

This area is led by Cristina Bonal Fernández, a practising lawyer since 1992 and a specialist in New Technologies and Information Society Law.

Solutions and legal security in digital environments

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Comprehensive advice on the development and opening of online stores and e-commerce activities, for their adaptation and compliance with the applicable legislation (Information Society Services and E-Commerce, Consumers and Users, Distance Selling, Personal Data Protection, Standard Terms of Contract) and defence in the event of conflict and/or claims:

  • We audit your business, online store, corporate website: analysis of regulatory compliance, proposal of corrective measures.
  • Adaptation of your traditional commerce to online commerce
  • Creation of new projects, online stores:
    • Commercial and corporate law: company formation, articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, etc.
    • Taxation of online transactions and services
    • Study and registration of trademarks, trade names, domain names
    • Contract for web creation and development, contents, intellectual property
    • Purchasing processes, prior information, phases, methods of payment
    • Drafting of standard terms of contract
    • Data protection clauses, privacy policy, cookies
    • Legal notice, terms of use, liability
  • Campaigns and online marketing, emailings and sending of commercial sms, adaptation to the Data Protection Act.
  • Branding and advertising campaigns, models (visibility, positioning, visits, registrations, sales): review and drafting of contracts.
  • Legal advice and defence against customer and user claims: mediation, extra-contractual negotiation, legal defence.
  • Intervention with the general government (administrative disciplinary proceedings).

Data protection

We have extensive experience in advising and auditing data protection in companies in different sectors of activity: health, insurance, online commerce, contact centre and customer services, telemarketing, real estate, communication agencies, consultancies and offices, associations, among others.

  • Auditing, adaptation and implementation of current data protection regulations.
  • Analysis, evaluation and procedures for adaptation to the new European Data Protection Regulation (mandatory in May 2018):
    • Audit in Data Protection from design and by default:
      • Risk and impact assessment.
      • Measures appropriate to the nature, scope, context and risks of the processing.
      • Review of legal clauses: prior information, collection of consent, purposes, legitimate interest, etc.
    • Data Protection Officer (DPO) services. Data processors: contracts, contractual clauses and legal documents in cases of outsourcing.
    • Confidentiality agreements. Transfers, international data transfers: level of protection, adequate safeguards, safe harbour.
    • Proceedings before the Spanish Data Protection Agency, protection of rights, disciplinary proceedings and, where appropriate, in judicial review proceedings. Drafting of codes of conduct (associations, grouped entities): specific rules or standards.
    • Corporate rules binding on all members of a corporate group
  • Company IT policies: on employees’ use of the company’s electronic media
  • Data Protection and Information Society Services advice, commercial mailings, promotions, marketing campaigns
  • Legal adaptation of websites, apps
  • Training: sessions, seminars, courses adapted to the needs of the personnel and singular activity of each company.

Intellectual property

Protecting your creations, copyrights, having the necessary licences, registering your trademark, trade name or domain name, and taking preventive measures against illicit uses, becomes essential to ensure the start-up and continuity of your company and to improve your competitive position:

  • Copyright protection, software, web
  • Tailor-made development contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • Software licences
  • Contracts for the assignment of exploitation rights
  • Registration, assertion and defence of trademarks, logos, trade names, designs, domain names
  • Actions against usurpation of rights
  • Defence in intellectual property litigation, copyright infringement and unfair competition.

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