Our specialities

At LIFE we define ourselves as a firm of lawyers and business advisors that achieves the highest degree of success for our clients.

Specialists in the liability of Employers, Directors and Officers

A good tax design increases the degree of viability of the company

Experts in Public Tenders. More than 1,000 tenders studied. Why not give it a try?

Our area of specialisation is business law, both in the corporate and contractual fields.

A win-win opportunity:
Agility, security in decision-making, legal tranquillity…

More and more businessmen and executives are facing criminal proceedings because of their positions.

“If you fight you might lose, if you don’t you have already lost”. Bertolt Brecht.

It is essential to maintain a constant and fluid relationship with general government. Together we implement environmental law.

This is not a time for pessimism, but a time to face new challenges with the utmost enthusiasm.

“A new market is not an unknown abyss, it is a business opportunity”.

“Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy”. Richard Stallman.

We achieve the highest degree of success for our clients

Our clients, both SMEs and large companies, highlight the analytical skills and experience of our tax team as fundamental pillars of their trust in the firm.

We are specialists in restructuring and optimisation of their tax burden, as well as in the defence of their interests in litigation processes in this field.