Tax planning in inheritance proceedings

Estate assets

The definition of estate assets refers to the set of properties, services and obligations that form part of the estate of a natural or legal person.

When there is a succession, either by transfer of property during life or mortis causa, a transfer of estate assets takes place. These legal acts and transactions are subject to inheritance and gift tax, as opposed to those carried out for valuable consideration. Irrespective of the nature of the transfer of assets, inheritance planning and settlement is necessary to protect and optimise inheritance rights.

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Legal Action

The legal action in the field of protection of large estates works with a preventive and planning approach in which the inheritance is analysed and the succession process is optimised in order to find the most beneficial condition for the interests of the successors.

Legal requirements

The operational details of an inheritance tax planning process deal with legal and bureaucratic issues. This procedure includes various actions such as:

  • Advice throughout the entire process
  • All the formalities related to wills and testaments
  • Deed of inheritance
  • Settlement of inheritance taxes
  • Registration in the appropriate registers
  • Arrangements with insurance companies

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