Teresa Cabeza Sanz​


If we live as we breathe: taking in and letting go, we cannot go wrong! (Clarisa Pinkola-Estés).

I am passionate about reading and cooking for my family.


She has spent almost all of her career in the law firm Jausás, which has allowed her to work in different areas of law: Pharmaceutical, Commercial, Data Protection, Litigation and also arbitration. In 2009 she started a new independent professional stage founding the law firm Corzo, Cabeza y Martínez Abogados where she carried on her professional work in the areas of Procedural, Civil, Commercial, Judicial Review and Arbitration Law. Since 2013 she has been the person who makes everything work at Life Abogados.

Bodies to which she belongs:

Madrid Bar Association


Teresa is the heart of the firm. She is a family woman, persevering and a fighter. Her philosophy of life is one of solidarity and she believes in “giving in order to receive”. She is a perfect choice for those cases that require a more human point of view.