Julián Huete Cervigón


I am not a lone ranger, nor a loose verse, nor a melody interpreted by a soloist. I have deep trust in company, in the literary stanzas and in the symphony masterfully interpreted by the orchestra.

I practice the sport of living reality intensely, and I have the audacity to make it poetry.


He has been a lawyer by vocation and devotion for twenty-eight years. At the beginning, he was involved in all branches of the judiciary, including the Ecclesiastical, inclining the professional curve progressively and decidedly to Public Law, which he practices equally by vocation and devotion.

He has extensive management experience in the field of Local Government, having held responsibilities in the areas of Economics and Finance, Human Resources, Contracting and Collection and Tax Management and Town Planning. He has managed in the same field different projects financed with European funds, some of them with European recognition, for an approximate amount of 25 million euros (Improvement of Tourist Infrastructure, Sustainable Urban Development Strategies and Urban Innovative Actions Initiative).

He has collaborated as of counsel in firms such as Zertium Legal & Management and Integral Legal Management, in charge of the areas of European Union Law, Administrative Law, and Management of European Funds, providing legal advice to Local Entities on public procurement.

He also has a proven track record in the field of civil service law as a lawyer in the trade union field.

He has proven experience in the field of Consumer Law, with a Master’s degree in Consumer Law, Inspection and Arbitration from Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.

He has coordinated the Heritage Committee of the World Heritage Cities Group for eight years, and has organised numerous congresses and seminars.

Bodies to which she belongs:

Cuenca Bar Association.


He knows how to lead and coordinate work teams, and work in them without fatigue or rest.

He enjoys working in the courts and tribunals, and is also a lawyer in his own office, sparing neither time nor effort in preparing the best reports and proposals for his clients, always leaving the mark of his teaching experience. He does not provide standard solutions, but seeks and offers the most appropriate, and often original, solution or solutions.

Teaching, publications, conferences

He has extensive teaching experience at Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha and Universidad Internacional de Valencia, as a lecturer on the Master’s Degree for Admission to the Practice of Law in the areas of Deontology and Judicial Review Law. He is also the director of numerous Master’s Degree Final Projects and a member of Qualifying Tribunals, as well as the coordinator of Seminars and reviewer of university publications.

He is also tutor of Administrative Law at the UNED, and lecturer of Administrative Law at the Centrum Prawa Hiszpanskiego I Eupopjskiego (Centre for Spanish and European Law Studies) of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

He is currently working on his doctoral thesis on the offence of malpractice in the field of public procurement by local authorities.