Jose Luis Vázquez Pérez-Coleman

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Being able to adapt to new scenarios is key to offer the best solutions to conflicts within the ever-changing labour market.

Jose Luis Vázquez Pérez-Coleman


He holds degrees in Law and Community Law (1995) and has focused his education and professional career in the field of Labour Law and Social Security. He has more than 15 years’ experience in counselling businesses on labour matters and litigating in Labour, Criminal and Civil Law matters.

After practising Law at various Law firms, he founded the Forolegal Abogados firm in 2006.

Member of:
HR Manager at Consorcio Latinoamericano Explorers, formed to help Spanish and European companies to expand to Latin America.


He is in charge of the Labour Law Department at Life Abogados. His listening and analytical skills, combined with his extensive experience in counselling companies and private clients on labour matters, guarantee a job well done.

Teaching, publications, lectures

He has given numerous talks on labour matters (Remuneration of Directors and Officers, Reorganising Human Resources in crisis situations, Legal Regime for Expatriates, etc.).

I am passionate about jazz and I love mountain climbing, which to me is a form of meditation.

Traducciones: esES itIT