Jose Luis Vázquez Pérez-Coleman


It is essential to constantly renew oneself in order to offer the best solutions to the conflicts that arise in an ever-changing labour market.

I am passionate about Jazz and I like mountaineering very much, for me it is a form of meditation.


Degree in Law and Diploma in Community Law (1995), he has focused his academic training and professional career in the area of Employment Law and Social Security. For more than 15 years, he has been dedicated to providing business advice on employment law and procedural practice in the areas of employment, criminal and civil law.

After practising in various law firms, he founded the law firm Forolegal Abogados in 2006.

Bodies to which he belongs:

Director of the HR area of the Latin American Explorers Consortium, for the implementation of Spanish and European companies in Latin America.


Responsible for the employment team at Life Abogados, his ability to listen and analyse, together with his extensive experience in providing employment advice to companies and individuals, are the guarantee of a job well done.

Teaching, publications, conferences

He has given numerous lectures on employment matters (Remuneration of Directors and Officers, Reorganisation of HR in a crisis situation, Expatriate Scheme, etc).