Ignacio González Rivera

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To be a lawyer is a privilege, a true luxury.

Ignacio González Rivera


Starting off in 1995 as an in-house lawyer for IBM, in the year 2000 he went on to work at other major firms such as Arthur Andersen – Garrigues. In 2006 he founded the Law firm Forolegal Abogados, specialising in Commercial Law and Procedural Law.

He is the legal counsel for different companies, and has sponsored various business initiatives and associations.

Member of:
Mentor in internationalisation and business development. Manufacturing industry.

Manager of Consorcio Latinoamericano Explorers, formed to help Spanish and European companies to expand to Latin America.


He strives to turn the client’s problem into a solution and stands out for the way he does this.

Ignacio is a great legal counsel whose professional experience and skills stem from his ability to listen to and understand the person behind the client.

His areas of expertise are mostly related to business (Commercial Law) and the legal defence of individuals and companies (Procedural Law).

Teaching, publications, lectures

Professor and frequent lecturer at Seminars and Congresses (Chambers of Commerce, Business Organizations, etc.).

Author of several publications and papers on Commercial Law matters (Liability of Directors, Business Internationalisation, etc.).

Behind each individual or company there is a dream: to take part in it makes me happy.

Traducciones: esES itIT