Ignacio González Rivera


Being a lawyer is a condition, a real luxury.

A passion: viticulture.


He began his professional career as an in-house lawyer at IBM (1995), later moving on to work at important firms such as Arthur Andersen – Garrigues (2000). In 2006 he founded the law firm Forolegal Abogados, specialising in corporate and commercial law and litigation.

He is legal advisor to different companies, and promoter of certain business initiatives and associations.

Bodies to which he belongs:

Mentor in internationalisation and business development. Industry.

Manager of the Latin American Explorers Consortium, for the implementation of Spanish and European companies in Latin America.


He cares about translating the client’s problem with a solution, standing apart in how he does it.

Ignacio is a great legal advisor, whose experience and professional value are based on his ability to listen and understand the person behind the client.

His professional areas are mainly those related to business (corporate and commercial law) and the defence of individuals and companies (litigation).

Teaching, publications, conferences

Regular lecturer and speaker at seminars and conferences (Chambers of Commerce, employers’ confederations, etc.).

Author of various publications and works on commercial matters (Directors’ Liability, International, etc.).