Juan José Sánchez Nieto

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What matters is that the client be satisfied.

Juan José Sánchez Nieto


After working at the tax departments of several well-known companies in Spain, he has worked mainly as a tax advisor to undertakings in the real estate industry and is an expert on Value-Added Tax.

Member of:
Spanish Tax Advisors’ Association (AEDAF).


Despite being quite young, he has extensive experience as a tax advisor to corporate and private customers, having been involved in providing tax advice in many probate proceedings.

He is also frequently involved in corporate acquisition operations, as well as in negotiating on the tax implications of financing operations.

Juan Jose is a key person in the area of litigation on tax matters. He is involved with filing appeals and claims relating to taxes before both Spanish and foreign administrations and courts of law.

He read Law at the Madrid Regional University and completed a post-graduate course as Tax Advisor at Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF).

I am passionate about becoming acquainted with new cultures.

Traducciones: esES itIT