Jose Antonio Martín Pallín

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Dialogue is the basis for ideas to emerge.

Jose Antonio Martín Pallín


Prosecutor at several Regional Courts of Appeals, as well as at the Supreme Court, and a Judge at the Second Court, Criminal Division, of the Supreme Court.

Member of:
The Spanish Bioethics Committee (CBE), Research Institute of the Canary Islands (IECan); International Association of Lawyers for Amnesty and Democracy in Paraguay, the German-Spanish Association of Lawyers (DSJV-AHJA) and several special human rights missions organised by Amnesty International (Venezuela, Mexico and Peru).

Recipient of the Jurista Prize 1996 awarded by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), and president of the Spanish Association for Human Rights (APDHE).

President of the Progressive Union of Prosecutors (UPF) and spokesman for the Spanish association Judges for Democracy.


Life Abogados and our clients are honoured to work with such a great professional and person, a Prosecutor and member emeritus of the Supreme Court as well as of many other Spanish and international bodies.

Jose Antonio plays a pivotal part in our Law firm, bringing balance and helping to find solutions. His extensive experience allows him to have a deep understanding of conflicts and come up with great solutions.

Teaching, publications, lectures

Jose Antonio has published many papers and articles in newspapers El País and El Periódico de Catalunya, often concerning the Spanish Civil War and the so-called “Historical Memory”.

He is a frequent guest at discussion panels of the Cadena Ser radio network, through which he talks about common legal concepts in a way that is easily understandable to ordinary citizens.

He has also participated in talk shows such as Pido la Palabra and has been interviewed in numerous occasions due to his knowledge of Spain’s political and economic situation.

I love travelling. I once went on a road trip from Madrid to North Cape with my family.

Traducciones: esES itIT