Jose Antonio Martín Pallín

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Dialogue is the basis for ideas to emerge.

Jose Antonio Martín Pallín


Government Attorney before several Province and Regional Courts of Appeal, as well as before the Supreme Court, and a Judge of the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court.

Member of:
Spain’s Bioethics Committee, Instituto de Estudios Canarios, Secretariado Internacional de Juristas por la Amnistia y la Democracia en el Paraguay, Asociacion Hispano-Alemana de Juristas and several special human rights teams formed by Amnesty International for Venezuela, Mexico and Peru.

He was awarded the Jurista Prize in 1996 by the National University of Madrid, and is president of the Spanish Asociacion Pro Derechos Humanos.

President of Union Progresista de Fiscales and spokesman for Jueces para la Democracia.


Life Abogados and our clients are honored to have in our team such a great lawyer and person, who has been a Government Attorney before the Supreme Court and a member emeritus of the Supreme Court as well as of many Spanish and international bodies.

Jose Antonio acts as the anchor of the law firm, leveling the playing field and helping to find solutions. Because of his extensive experience he contributes brilliant responses, always close to the real circumstances of the dispute.

Teaching, publications, lectures

Has published many works and articles in the newspapers El País and El Periodico de Catalunya, often concerning the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 and Remembrance of those events.

He is a frequent guest at discussion panels of the Cadena Ser radio network, through which he makes known the real facts of the law closely concerning the man-in-the-street.

Jose Antonio has taken part in debating programs such as Pido la Palabra and has been the focal point of many interviews, being closely linked to Spain’s political and economic developments.

I like to travel, having driven with my family from Madrid to North Cape in Norway.

Traducciones: esES itIT