Public Institutions

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Public Institutions


Public Institutions

We offer specialised legal advice to public sector entities, private companies and individuals and legal assistance in all sorts of procedures, in both administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.

Our team specialises in finding legal solutions that are beneficial to all the parties involved in transactions related to the public sector.

Administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings

  • Administrative infringement proceedings.
  • Administrative proceedings.
  • Defence in contentious-administrative proceedings.

Public Tenders

We assist our clients throughout the entire tender, from giving guidance in the essential aspects that will influence the preparation of its tender offer to the defence of its interests during the award process –justifying abnormally low tenders, rejected offers, challenging the award decision…–, as well as addressing issues that might arise in the performance or termination of the contract.

1. Preliminary Phase
    • Analysis of bidding conditions and documentation.
    • Challenging bidding conditions and announcements.
    • Analysis of requirement compliance: suitability, capacity, solvency…
    • Document and/or administrative management.
    • Correct application of awarding criteria.
    • Justification of abnormally low tenders.
    • Rejected offers.
    • Formation of Temporary Joint Ventures.
    • Execution of the contract: compliance with the bidding conditions, the offer and/or the award.
    • Challenging awards or ratings.
2. After the award
  • Follow-up contract performance.
  • Contract suspension.
  • Contract extensions and amendments.
  • Claims for payments and interest.
  • Price revision.
  • Termination of contract.
  • Breaches and/or seizure of guarantees.

We offer a strategic advice  designed to increase your sales in the public sector. How do we do this? By combining legal advice and business intelligence.
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What do we offer? Specialised services for companies and/or professionals who wish to open this new line of sales or for those who want to strengthen their position in the public sector.

Business Control

We can provide you with real-time information about your position in the market so that you can have a dynamic and up-to-date sales system: how many tenders you have bid on, why you have been excluded, why your score is not higher…
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Prices and Competition

We analyse the business opportunities, competition, usual tenderers, prices and offers to help you choose the tenders that are right for you and submit competitive tenders.
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We assist you throughout the entire tender process, from preparing the tender offer to justifying abnormally low tenders, challenging the award decision, complying with contracts, revising prices…
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We draw up your trade map: you can find out what tenders are to be opened or renewed, while providing your sales network with an essential account planning tool.
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We offer more than 500 hours of training so that you can make the most of your management, administration and sales teams, and be highly successful in your tenders.
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Experts in Public Tenders. More than 1,000 tender procedures examined. Why don’t you give us a try?

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