Project Finance

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We work for those undertakings that believe in their business, helping them to identify their short- and middle-term financial requirements and tapping the most suitable sources for the financing they need to grow their business, to acquire the relevant assets for the purpose, to develop new lines of business, to build up their marketing area and, in sum, for the client undertakings to expand or be successfully restructured.

We need to reinvent ourselves, to create, to be innovative. Each one in his own niche, his own market and his own circumstances. We do not know of any undertaking that, being consistent and having proven aims, has not been able to secure to necessary financing to develop its business.

We work basically with four sources of financing:

  • Public-sector financing.
  • Bank loans.
  • Private loans.
  • Participation loans, from both public- and private-sector sources.

We also resort to public-sector aid in the form of either loans or grants available from time to time.

Specifically, we have developed a financing service for companies seeking to expand their overseas operations: the expertise required by these projects calls for taking preparatory steps at the undertaking before proposing specific arrangements for borrowing from public- or private-sector entities. There are many success stories regarding public-sector loans and other types of aid secured by undertakings of all sizes from COFIDES, ICEX, CDTI, INISA, ICO INTERNACIONAL and other entities. However, there have been many cases of undertakings with excellent projects that have been a let-down and a failure because they needed to prepare specifically for the relevant project before approaching these agencies.

Thus, our Law Firm performs all the necessary tasks with a view to filing applications for financing overseas expansion projects with sound prospects of success: from laying the groundwork –by developing the most effective legal and corporate structure – to concluding all agreements or alliances or partnerships with third parties in the foreign countries in question.

If you wish to learn about the prospects of securing financing for your project you can request from us, without obligation, a basic questionnaire for the purpose.


  • Financing for newly-formed undertakings
  • Financing for growing your business
  • Financiación to consolidate the business


  • Arranging the necessary financing to organize an engineering firm in Peru.
  • Securing 75% of the financing needed by a major Spanish business to start up three sports stores.
  • Rescheduling of loans to consolidate an expansion project under way by a major high-style kitchen ranges supplier in Spain.
  • Securing 72% of the financing needed for an expansion project to be carried out by a Spanish paper manufacturer.

This is not a time to be pessimistic; rather, we must rise to the new challenges with the most hopeful anticipation.

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Traducciones: esES itIT