Economic Crime

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The Law Firm’s criminal practice includes a range of services, from Counseling to prevent crime in the context of juristic persons (Criminal Compliance) to defending and representing clients before the Courts of Law. The Firm counsels both domestic and cross-border clients on these matters.

The practice is led by D. José Antonio Martín Pallín, former Government Attorney and former Judge of the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court.

The Counseling service is completely personal and provided throughout Spain.

Our philosophy, the good name of the members of this team, their dedication to clients and the results achieved make this a benchmark practice in the Spanish criminal legal aid market.

In addition, the Firm’s frequent collaboration with prime international law firms leads us to take part in advising on commercial law transactions with a major cross-border element

Preventive Counseling

We counsel clients in assessing their criminal risks as well as in developing, reviewing and implementing measures to prevent them from materializing.

New legislation, the growth and globalization of undertakings, and developments in criminal law call for implementing corporate legal compliance programs to prevent incurring criminal responsibilities.

The basic measures to limit the criminal responsibility of juristic persons, their directors and employees are to analyze and identify the criminal risks combined with implementing measures to prevent, mitigate and manage such risks.

Counseling on Contentious Matters

We note the following fields of expertise:

  • Criminal Responsibility of Juristic Persons
  • Corporate Offenses
  • Offenses against the Public Heritage and the Economic-Social Order
  • Offenses against the Treasury
  • Offenses against Intellectual Property
  • Offenses against Honor
  • Offenses against the Rights of Workers
  • Offenses against the Market and Consumers
  • Offenses against the Environment and Zoning Regulations
  • International Criminal Law and Extraditions

Techniques in Appealing to the Supreme Court

The extensive track record of Jose Antonio Martin Pallin, first as Government Attorney with Province and Regional Courts of Appeal and then with the Supreme Court, and finally, for a period of 20 yeras, as a Judge in Division Two of the Supreme Court, has given him a command of the complex techniques used in criminal appeals to the Supreme Court. This enables us to offer review and Counseling services to end clients as well as to legal counsels confronted with the task of filing such difficult appeals.

A growing number of business and senior management persons are facing criminal proceedings by reason of the positions they hold. Jose Antonio Martin Pallin is one of the best lawyers in the criminal field

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