Cross Border Business

Cross Border Business

At Life Abogados we work in collaboration with major specialist firms of consultants to advise our clients on carrying out investments and business projects in the principal emerging markets –those with a fast growing social and business environment and in the process of becoming industrial nations- to facilitate access to and penetration of those markets by European undertakings.

We offer clients comprehensive and personalized legal and business advisory services to enable them to penetrate the new markets in a speedy, flexible and safe way, by drawing up strategies and implementing actions to achieve the best cost-time-benefit ratio.

At Life Abogados we advise and accompany European companies throughout the process of entering a new market, with a joint Action Plan to be carried out in both the home country and the host country, in order to minimize the entry barriers inherent to the new market.

For the purpose we rely on a network of professional Cross Border Business and Foreign Trade Consultants and keep closely in touch all the time with the principal economic operators and authorities in each host country, promoting the positioning of our European clients in the foreign community and its business sector. These alliances provide an in-depth knowledge of the markets in question and give access to an extensive network of corporate and public-sector ties resulting from our extensive professional track record.


  • Incorporating and registering companies
  • Legal and business planning for initial commercial penetration
  • Cross-border contracts
  • Advice on taxation of the cross-border business
  • Public bidding contests
  • Project finance
  • Negotiating and concluding agreements with importers, distributors and possible partners in the host country
  • Migration service
  • Cross-border business opportunities
  • Developing cross-border franchising
  • Advice on market prospection
  • Advice during the first round of business in the host country



  • Awarding to an engineering firm of energy planning for a major Peruvian group.
  • Entry of an undertaking operating in the wood industry to market flooring products.


  • Entry of an undertaking operating in the mining industry to market its products.


  • Entry of an undertaking operating in the arms industry to market its products.


  • Entry of an undertaking operating in the wood industry as an establishment for permanently distributing its products to South African wholesalers.


  • Forming a joint venture between a Spanish company and a Nicaraguan company to carry out an energy project.

“A new market is not an unknown run, it is a business opportunity”.

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