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Abel García Rodríguez

I am a strong advocate of teamwork and planned, preventive counselling.

Sara Fernández Ceballos

I love the process of bringing together teams from different countries. I like to feel that I am involved in change.

Ignacio González Rivera

To be a lawyer is a privilege, a true luxury.

Juan Sánchez Corzo

We work as a team for each of our clients.

Roberto Martínez Pérez

The trust we have within the Life Abogados team is part of our success.

Teresa Cabeza Sanz

“If we live the way we breathe −taking in and letting go−, we can make no mistakes.” (Clarisa Pinkola-Estés)

Beatriz Ladero de las Cuevas

The key to inspiring confidence in clients and delivering results is to provide them with effective, ongoing advice.

Jose Antonio Martín Pallín

Dialogue is the basis for ideas to emerge.

Nuria Queralt Solari

Efficiency and perseverance are the key to solving problems and empathising with clients.

Jorge Bravo Benites

Being a lawyer means you need to always be up to date with the latest trends in the Law.

Bélgica María Díaz Martín

With effort, dedication and perseverance we will meet your needs.

Jorge Bravo Robles

I am convinced that a lawyer’s role is to advise on how to avoid problems.

Cristina Bonal Fernández

I agree with the idea that “change management” should be called “happiness management”.

Juan José Sánchez Nieto

Client satisfaction is what matters.

Alberto Sancho Miguel

Each client is unique, so approachability is key.

Luis Alcoz Coll

The important thing is not to have many ideas, but to have the right one in each case.

Sofía Vásquez Carrera

Always go the extra mile.

Víctor Manuel Sánchez Guzmán

Every day I strive to maintain the team morale and the confidence of our clients.

Jose Luis Vázquez Pérez-Coleman

Being able to adapt to new scenarios is key to offer the best solutions to conflicts within the ever-changing labour market.

Juan Ignacio Xiberta

I firmly believe in preventive counselling. Lawyers must solve problems.

Pablo García Paradela

“A well-defended cause is a just cause.” (George Calinescu)

Alejandro Vidiella Suárez

“Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer.” (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Javier Zapata Ferrer

Life is a continuous learning process.

Javier Sánchez Sanjurjo

I admire people who are confident in making new decisions.

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