Juan Sánchez Corzo

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Juan Sánchez Corzo


Juan counsels clients on various areas of business law. He has substantial experience in counseling them on disputes by way of civil and commercial law, as well as with economic crimes.

He is an expert on counseling undertakings in crisis situations, bankruptcy proceedings and out-of-court restructuring processes, and as acting as a trustee in bankruptcy. He has counseled all types of undertakings on negotiating sale agreements and service agreements, on corporate transactions of all kinds, corporate acquisitions, structural reorganization, amending the bye-laws, shareholder agreements, family constitutions…

Member of:
Madrid Lawyers’ Professional Association.


Juan has tight professional links with both Spain and Italy, supports forming strong teams as tools to succeed and fosters action as the next step. He is active at congresses and publishing works and papers. His fields of expertise are Commercial Law, Bankruptcy Law and Restructuring Operations, and litigation in Civil, Commercial and Economic Crime matters.

Teaching, publications, lectures

Has given many lectures on contracts and corporate structures, and is the author or coauthor of several published works:

International Public Procurement (Country Author – Spain), Dennis Cambell Editor, Center for International Legal Studies. 2005

“La ley de medidas contra la morosidad, un texto esperado pero decepcionante” (coauthor). Cinco Días, 2006

“La figura del socio expectante como vía de acceso a las cooperativas de viviendas” (coauthor, 2006)

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Traducciones: esES itIT