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Our lawyers have built up a very high degree of knowledge and expertise in all areas of labor law. They have taken part in restructuring processes in undertakings of different kinds, in local authorities and associated entities, in HR outsourcing and reorganizing processes, in collective wage bargaining and different types of litigation.

Spain’s labor laws and regulations are not perfect yet do provide for mechanisms that we must know how to use. Our degree of specialization and on-going renewal efforts enable us to offer the best solutions to any disputes that arise in a continuously changing labor market.


The courts and magistrates with jurisdiction in labor matters are known to be speedy and flexible. The Labor Practice lawyers, working as members of interdisciplinary teams, can bring to bear all their expertise in labor disputes in combination with the experts in commercial law and bankruptcy law that form the rest of the team. We have huge experience with preliminary talks to avert a lawsuit, and if this is inevitable, with drawing up all types of procedural documents, appearing before Courts and Magistrates, and filing applications with the Labor Inspection Office as well as all types of appeals.


It is not only a matter of knowing and using the different hiring options available under the legislation in force. We must also use reasonable remuneration methods at the undertaking, apply the disciplinary system when it is in order to do so, take care of training, suspending and terminating employment agreements, as the case may be, take steps to prevent worker risks and have a in-depth knowledge of the applicable social security and social welfare regulations.

In addition, we must take into account any special provisions applying to special types of employees such as senior managers, artists and sportspersons.


In a global world the number of expatriates grows from day to day, which calls for implementing in advance a solid remuneration and social protection policy.

Corporate Restructuring

We have been involved in restructuring all types of undertakings, trusts, associations, public agencies, local authorities… each of which has its own requirements, particularly in connection with bankruptcy proceedings and with closing down the business.

Industrial Relations

There are special circumstances that test the true expertise of a lawyer: election processes, collective bargaining, regulating the impact on labor of structural changes in the business (mergers, spin-off splits…).

We help you to manage in the most suitable way the human capital of your undertaking, as its principal asset

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Traducciones: esES itIT